What Items do you need for a Newborn Baby

Which items do you need for a newborn?

When you travel with a child who needs it, you can bring two things free of charge. Give a present to newborns. Many thanks for considering giving a present to one of our newborn baby dolls this Christmas. They are all something different, but those who need additional assistance and attention after childbirth must remain in a newborn ward. They can be early births (premature), very small births (perhaps twin or triplet) or very ill births.

There is nothing that can make a mother ready for her baby to come early, and that can be even more heartbreaking at Christmastide. On Christmas Day last year, we had about 40 preterm infants and poor infants in our newborn ward, and thanks to the generousness of the locals, each of them was given a present.

In this year we find that our committed nursing staff and physicians will care for a similar number of infants, giving them the intense assistance they need to help them live and prosper. In the aftermath of the successful Making Christmas Sp├ęcial campaigns over the past four years, we are once again asking the locals to get engaged and buy a small present for these little baby boys who will spend their first Christmas with us and not at home with their new families.

Welcome to all new presents that are still in their orginal pack. You should place your presents in a small package that is clearly marked. Packing items in a present package rather than packing them allows us to make sure that the product is secure and appropriate before giving it away. Below you will find proposals on what to consider and detail on items that we cannot approve.

Simply dowload the tag on-line (see attachment), then type your own unique text and include it with your present. Use the following checklist as a guideline for selecting a present for one of these very small babies. In order to avoid infections, we can only process new items in their origin packages and presents in packages that are not packed in hard copy.

Gifts can be given at the major reception areas of our three hospital facilities - Leicester General, Royal Infirmary and Glenfield Hospital - and at the Kensington Maternity Building in the Royal Infirmary or at the Maternity Unit Reception in the General.

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