What's new in Baby Products

What's new with baby products?

What is the difference between a cot, a cot and a cot? Enter the season with new shoes. Enter the season with new shoes.

NUK Story

NUK's story is long and interesting, from the invention of the NUK nipple, originally based on Mother Nature's inspiration, to today's wide selection of baby care products, each aimed at making the lives of parent and child a little simpler. Continue reading to learn how NUK has used the latest advances in medicine to create products that have been helping over 50 million kids (and their parents) for nearly 60 years!

"This innovative new form was called "natural and orthodontically correct" and can still be found today in all NUK teats and soothers. The baby booming of the 1950s increased the need for better baby products. The breast-feeding was considered obsolete; the kids were raised with a flask.

A lot of kids were sucking their fingers, which often resulted in loss of teeth, caries and language problems. Simultaneously, the general interest in oral hygiene grew and it didn't take long for NUK soothers and teats to be seen in more and more baby soothers. It was a handy invention for a mother, but it presented NUK with new difficulties, as it was hard to fill the powdered breast milk onto the bottle.

The NUK response was to introduce a new larger opening cylinder. Baby's were now more and more regarded as autonomous persons who had from the first days on sentiments and recollections. The baby's emotion helps to move the emphasis of attentiveness to the parent, the doctor and the community in general. More and more females are now giving birth in hospitals, where the benefits for expectant mothers and their infants have been significantly better.

Suction cups and threaded ring seals were pre-assembled and - particularly important in hospitals - pre-disinfected and packaged separately and in hygienic packaging. Further products, such as baby liners for infants with specific needs, came from the close cooperation with doctors. NUK's greatest innovative development of the last ten years, however, was air: thanks to the invention of a venting teat in 1979, there was no longer a vaccum in the cylinder when drunk.

No wonder, then, that at the end of this century the whole planet looks quite different - political, aesthetic and also for baby. Great inventions were also made for babies: Even more than in the previous years, the focus was now on simplifying the everyday lives of infants and young people.

First baby phones came on the scene and together with better baby seat systems the security of kids increased considerably. Under the motto "Some Motherly Love", NUK also worked even more hard for infants and parents: as a pioneer in the field of baby products, NUK used its competence in other areas of parenthood.

The NUK also designed other much needed products such as baby toothbrushes and bite ring products to alleviate childhood diseases. Following development with the help of specialists, the NUK steriliser for disinfecting cylinders and equipment was launched in 1985. But NUK has also opened up a completely new range of products:

Long lasting research and new research results showed that infants respond very early to their surroundings and that this interactions also influence their evolution. Recent research has shown that it is important for both the teat and the pacifier that the form not only fits the mandible but is also the optimum one.

New words came with the millennium: information is now gegoogled, boyfriends are added, products are ordered, private information is divided and almost always humans are "online". Everybody talked about the issue "children or careers? A new mother wanted kids AND a careers! At the end of the first ten years there were many new products that fit perfect to the vibrant and adaptable lifestyle of parents and kids in the new age.

Like the last six years, the 2010s began with newborns. First Choice+, the next NUK series of bottles and teats, was introduced in 2011. First Choice+ was created with the help of doctors, nurses and especially those who know more than anyone else what a baby formula has to offer, mother!

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