What to need for new Baby

All you need for a new baby

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Brother and sister competition during the birth of a new baby

The new baby is a great adaptation for the older children who can sense that the new baby is taking over their roles in the home and this can result in brother and sister competition. There are many ways in which this can be shown, to include aggressive behaviour towards the baby, squeezing or pushing or tossing objects.

A lot of kids feel jealous of their new brothers or sisters and can communicate these emotions by moving to more "childlike" behavior, such as outbursts of anger or refusal to use the jar, although they have been successfully educated in the jar for some time. All this is quite normal and is her way of voicing her emotions of disappointment and bewilderment about her part in your lives and her place in the world.

Older brothers and sisters should respond in this way to the birth of a new baby and should not in any way influence their prospective relationships, especially if they are treated openly and impartially by their parent, so that their sense of envy diminishes over the years.

Although your baby may seem self-reliant and able to do many things for himself without your permanent attentiveness, it needs your loving care and interest just as much as it used to - perhaps now more than ever. Attempt not to penalise your older baby as this may make him or her feel more angry with the baby and try to injure the baby again.

Though you must clearly state that they are not permitted to harm the baby, tell them that you know they don't want to be bad and that they should tell you how they should not take it out on their brothers or sisters. I hope this will help them to open up a little more to you and take comfort in the fact that you want to know how you can help them get better.

It will help them to embrace the baby and realize that they are also a part of their lives, in their roles as big brothers or big sisters. When you have not yet had your baby, get your baby ready for the birth of the new baby. Take a look at old baby photos of your first baby with them to remind them that they also had the same attentiveness and caring that the new baby receives.

Try to be alone with your older baby for some of your times so that they don't have the feeling that they have to fight for your alertness. Allow your older baby to be an energetic part of the baby's adult lifestyle by allowing him or her to help take care of his or her little baby brothers or sisters, such as changing diapers or doing readings.

Empower your kids to solve their own problems as they grow older. If they bother you while you're trying to feeding the baby, ask them to act where the baby doesn't stand in their way - so they have the feeling that they can do things the baby can't do, what it can't do, what remind them that there are benefits to getting taller!

Do not make any significant changes to your child's routines when the baby appears for the first time, such as his or her bedding; try to do this a few month before giving birth or a few month after the newcomer. Do not compare your kids like: "I wish you would finish all your nutrition like your little sister".

It can make your baby think that he or she is not good enough. Try eating a little more, then you can go to TV." Don't think fraternal rivality means that your kids won't have a good relation later - once they've overcome the early envy of having to split their parent, there's no need for them to study living with their new brothers or sisters.

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