What you really need for a Baby Checklist

You really need for a baby checklist

These two-pack gloves are made of really soft cotton. That only really applies to long journeys - or when you have to pump on the road. In the end, you realize you don't really like any of them. In the end, you realize you don't really like any of them. But I have packed a lot of Muslins, you really can't have too many!

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While I was with LP I thought forever about the content of my ambulance kit - choose the right kit, grab it, repack it and make sure I had everything I could use. Although I had a home birth, it is advisable to grab a handbag, "just in case," and it contains everything anyone who has a baby at the infirmary would grab.

My guess is that the second times you're more comfortable with what you're going to need in the infirmary, and you know that if you have nothing, especially after the baby's birth, you can always ask someone to give you something or mail your baby for provisions. Packaging your ward bags is a landmark in any maternity and Catalan has compiled a checklist that will help you with the packaging.

Quite everything you need is included in this mailing schedule, and even as a pdf download, Matthalan has made it so that you can download it, printout it and review the articles as they are packed. It is even better if you use the checklist on-line and click on the marked areas to get to the appropriate areas of the website!

Some things on the schedule that I wouldn't grab, but it's better to have too much free space the first day and be sure that you are ready for all eventualities. Too many baby clothing and things like make-up - I didn't make myself up for AGES again after the birth of the baby!

But I have packed a lot of muslin, you really can't have too many! Which are your top hints for bagging a shoulder? There is something without which you would not have made it, or something you would not have needed, but everyone is telling you to do it? Post a review with your top hints and your listing to the Rafflecopter below.

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