Where to buy Baby Accessories

How can I buy baby accessories?

YoJo Maman Bebe There is also a large selection of classy motherhood clothing, which results in an open nursing area and nappy-changing rooms. HISTORY It' s been a whole week since the new fall line was released, and the response so far has been extremely upbeat. Together with Linda Sätterström, our foundress and director of creativity, we got together to find out a little more about how this line was born. Linda, what was your point of departure for this line?

My aim was to create a large pattern library where you felt forced to blend and use them together, layering by layering, without necessarily "fitting". from the pastel life we've been inhabiting for some time. Yes, and it took me a while to discover the Tibetan arts and craft, where this apparently has been used for ages.

There'?s a pattern on everything! They also use coatings on coatings of different colors, designs and fabrics. Messing, golden, leather, furs - I simply totally loved him and felt that I wanted to include this aesthetics in our collections. it would be hard to put them directly on baby accessories.

I and my staff took the inspirations to Milan, where we stayed a few nights in the Milan City Fashion District to find out how to adjust this feeling of the Himalayas to our westerly audiences. Near the city there were shawls everywhere, and we found that we could make our ceiling impressions in "shawl patterns", which was really enjoyable.

It' s great because there are indeed apes in Nepal and Tibet, and because a naughty little ape is a good way to bring in the more frisky feeling we always try to keep in our own music. Thus playedful Pepe became a kind of figurehead for this collecting tank. The 2017 furs trends were obviously still buoyant, so the development of Not Funeal as part of the range was a matter of course.

Actually, I think this is the funniest line I've ever created. Has it been enjoyable, or where are there tough challenging times? A few final tips on how you can best use this line for your clients? Now, as I said, this whole thing revolves around shift after shift.

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