Where to buy Baby Gifts

When to buy baby presents

Simply log in and add your favourite gifts to your wish list. However, I had beautiful gifts from Mama: flaxseed, "invigorating" scent (the one from the big dd's trying to wear!).

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Presents | Age 0 | Buy toys for 0-year-old boy

Starving peppercan - Feeding me! Feeding the colourful fluffy pelican with a big craving for joy! 4 colourful, appealing logbooks to help make the whole wide universe bigger. This is a nice early study manual with smooth fabric pages. Wonderful children's storybook with smooth fabric pages. This is a light, colourful, smooth play.

Extremely sweet baby shoes with embroidered sleeve. The colourful wood musical tin is playing calming noises as it turns. Smooth padded balloon that speaks to learn your ABC & 123's....order before 16:00 & we deliver today! So sweet! Wonderful smooth rattling rabbits, in sweet Beigefarbenen overalls.

Smile crawler - lightweight, pale and stable - that snaps while driving. Create vivid colours on the nativity scene with this lightweight and breezy phone.

Buy baby slippers as a Christmas present

Blackberry and Red Apple pimbles are a great present for the baby's first Christmas - our Red Apple and Blackberry pimbles are especially loved during the Christmas time! We will be pleased to provide an extension of the return policy for all pimbles purchased as baby gifts in December - therefore we will provide a full return or replacement for all gifts purchased from 1 December onwards if you should have contacted us by 31 January 2018.

Babyshoes are a great present for newborn babies, for baby parties or even for a birth anniversary. Available in miniscule 1 sizes, our baby booties make it easy to guess the right sizes, and if you're not sure whether you're shopping for a baby boys or girls, we have a nice range of baby solid shoe for you.

Our baby slippers are delivered in a sweet little shoebox with dustbag. Our classical and luxurious series of moccasins is an excellent gift for older and toddler children. When you have the option to take the child's feet, you can use our height chart to verify the right sizing.

When you need to make a sound estimate, you can take our suggestion to choose the best fit without having to measure a child's feet. Now we are offering a present packaging services for all baby slippers ordered on our website. Just choose the check out box and your present will be sent nicely packaged with a handwritten note from you to the happy one.

Babyshoes packed in a present package are also delivered with a present slip. Here's the ideal answer if you want to give away a pair of baby pimble boots but can't choose a color or don't know the sizing. You will receive (by first rate mail) a nice coupon with a unique redemption key that can be used on our website.

Any baby slippers ordered with wrapped gifts are automaticly entitled to our prolonged refund policy - giving you 28 business days to let us know if you need to come back or change for another of our color sizes.

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