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Travels to Croatia with babies and infants

Here are our hints for traveling to Croatia with your baby and toddler to make your trip to Croatia a little bit simpler! When traveling with very young kids (under 2 years of age), almost all airline companies that operate flights to Croatia will allow you to use two baby kits free of cost (in excess of your luggage).

Croatian aerodromes allow you to take your pram to the gates where you can drop it off and get it under the control of the aircraft. The majority of Croatian aerodromes are quite small with few conveniences (shops, coffee bars and so on). There are no baby products available (food bags, milks, diapers), so always take your own when you are at the airfield.

Legally, infants under the ages of 5 can only ride in the back of a vehicle in a duly attached infant safety chair (either with a safety belt or a device such as ISOFIX). Infants under the age of two may be seated in the front seat as long as they are seated in a suitable rearward-facing vehicle safety chair and the front seat passengers air-conditioning has been disabled.

Likewise, infants between the ages of 5 and 12 must ride in the rear seats of a vehicle with a raised rear passenger compartment (i.e. a baby seat) and a three-point belt. Always secure your baby with the provided safety belt or, if older, with the safety belt in the infant carrier.

However you will most likely see many kids being drove in automobiles, NOT in suitable automobile seating, often on someone else's knee and often in the front seating! The above mentioned articles are easily available in Croatia. Smaller version of these shops will carry some baby products, but these smaller shops may not have the largest choice (e.g. a small range of baby foods, some baby toilet articles, some diapers, but perhaps not all packs, probably no baby milk).

Apothecaries also carry baby articles, as well as a proper assortment of articles from people with nutritional incompatibilities if you need to search for them. is one of the biggest chain in Croatia. As a rule, only in large super markets (and pharmacies/drugstores) where you will find a good assortment of baby milks.

There is no ready-made baby formula available, so you may want to take it with you when your baby is drinking it. The HIPP grocery glasses are easily found, as are the Frutek and Lino brand names and some Nestle babyfoods. Maybe you would like to take them with you if baby/infant doesn't have anything else for their breakfast!

In Croatia it is absolutely certain to be able to drink mains drinking taps. When your baby suffers from nutritional problems, you may find our specific nutritional needs in the Croatian Health and Nutrition Guidelines useful. You are the only one who knows how your infant will enjoy sightseeing in Croatia! This will probably be much more interesting for your kid than a Roman imperial residence!

If you feel courageous, however, here are our hints for navigation through some of Croatia's sights: Bigger motorboats require you to climb from the autodeck you are boarding (whether in a vehicle or not) to the primary passanger level. Otherwise, you should have no problems nappying your baby on the shore or in a parkland.

And if you are going to Croatia in the summers - and you probably are - it will most likely be warm. There are many Croatian sandy shores with sunshades and deckchairs for rent, so you may want to use them when visiting the area. Always keep in mind to have adequate personal liability cover for your relatives.

Find out more about health and safety in Croatia.

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