Where to buy Baby things

How to buy baby products

Reducing the effort to a minimum. I and dp are desperate to start buying baby clothes, but I just can't afford it. The time to buy baby products...


The time to buy baby products..... This baby im a little paranoid in ( and briefly on place), so I haven't yet dared to buy anything, my mother is frantic to buy something, but I said I should be waiting until I arrived at Twelve Wks, then when I arrived at Twelve Wks I said after the scan, then after the scan I said to her that she should be waiting now until I find out if it's a kid or a maid in a few week..........

I am so superstitious that even though I knew we had a girlfriend, I didn't buy anything until she was borne, and because we moved, I didn't really buy much until I was 33 weeks+, so I had no additional things to move! You can' t watch this movie with your webcam, you can also just sit there and watch until you know the gender, so you don't buy things you can't use.

No, I don't think it's stupid to start learning from your first experiences and already have things. I' ve kept all this shit from D.S., so I have to get it out of the loft sometime. I' m going to die to buy material, but my OH is very superstitious about it and said that "we can't wait a few more months", I only have 11 week to go.

And so I wrote a shortlist of what we need and it made me really comfortable. So I' ve been telling him that I'm getting really weary running through the business, so in a few weeks I really won't be in the right frame of mind. Once I said to him that I would give him a checklist and he could go and get all this shit [smilie=yelrotflmao: I have enough clothing to get started with, a few packs of diapers, Muses hamper and a few baby bathtubs, talk, etc...

I' ll get the stroller when the baby's due. I don't know the intercourse, so it wasn't possible for me to squirt on clothing (the husband didn't want to know the intercourse), so I got my own back by purchasing some guys and some girl gear (from ebay so only cheap)!

I have a brief enumeration of things that I still have to get (changing pad, belly pan, diaper-bag for mum (!), but that's probably it, too, maybe I'll knit myself a baby cover until then - I just have to sort out the sample...... I'm afraid to think what the relations of OH will give away....

I have not even begun yet. So far I have been knitting 2 pairs of boats and a coat, half a pair of trousers and a strange boatie, so I have to finish these. I still have a few things for other children remaining, but not much.

im due in 10-14 weeks and still need to get puscahir, somewhere for baby, so go to bed, clothing, bedding. i dont need a sterilizer, bottle etc so i dont care about that.

should i get my motherhood allowance in the next 4 weeks or so so so then is going to go get my stroller baby ambyhamock and some other bits for baby and afterwards just get a few things every week/month out of CTC or salaries but more than likely i will just get sheer minimun for now and buy more stuff after baby is born. i' m just going to get my stroller out of CTC or salaries every week/month, but more than likely i will just get sheer minimun for now and buy more stuff after baby is born. what do i do?

Hello, I'm 17 weeks gestating with my second baby and this once got a box of pyjamas (which I also got to go with my boy, couldn't resist!) and a blanket and that's it! At this point of the last gestation I had purchased weights, but then I knew sexuality and went completely crazy.

Rather, this year I try to make some savings every weeks so that I can really appreciate paying for clothing when the baby is born ( I know even if another kid I want to buy new clothes). yve got too start by stuff since weve already got a great deal from having DD2, yve purchased my stroller, new bottles, diapers, baby baths, ive just purchased as go along, baby ID due Nov., plus my other reason is when we got stuff we got for DD2 what is item I wanted for it was always not in stock in stores so at least ive got enough to get it.

There is a baby bathtub, a cell phone for the crib, a sterilizer, a baby shower, a baby diaper pouch, a baby sterilizer, a baby warmers, a baby boots (everything from a selling boots - bargain!). I got some all-in-one layer thing and a grossabag. Do you think that's all for now, but I still need to buy more clothing and material like sheets and bottles and things.

Husband thinks I'm crazy to buy everything so fast, but I can't help it! Some diapers we got. Uh, my parents just picked up some veterinarians and a bib last night. I' m 23+ week, I don;t think I'm going to buy anything amazing, I still have all the things of Harley's! He just went to the mothercare sale and got a lot of shit.

There are still a few things left of when I had Jack so its a beginning but Im itchy to buy more but DH has said no we can get it all in October - I think he doesn't want to miss out if he buys stuff so he can help dial out.

WHSmith bought a baby's souvenir books from me the other night and he groaned that it was too early - I think at 13 + 4 I can allow myself to buy a couple of bit - Im due to my amnios next month so I' ll inquire what the gender is, and Sara F will succeed when I buy clothes in blues and pinks!

It is best to buy baby junk 24 and a half months ago, as you can go into labor at any time afterwards. When I was 28 I went into labor and wasn't ready.

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