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We are wholesalers of baby gifts, children's toys, christening gifts, birthday presents, plush toys for children, retro toys and games, children's facilities and children's crockery. Wholesalers in Great Britain by mail order or Cash and Carry. Children & Baby Wholesale Gifts & Accessories - Only Trade We are wholesalers of baby presents, children's toy, christening presents, birthdays presents, plush animals for babies, vintage toy and vintage playthings, children's facilities and children's crockery. One of the UK's biggest providers and sellers of children's and baby presents. There is a large selection of christening and baby shower presents and birthdays presents for every age, baby, child, including baby certificates box, first teeth and first curls jewelry, baby and baby scanner photoframes, table tops, and children's crockery kits.

You' ll find great spending cash award-winning toy and these must have items that include trendy wholesale Einhorn presents and decoration and wholesale Meerjungfrau presents and decoration. We have monocorn plush animals, monocorn labels, monocorn LED flasks, stationary and much more! You' ll also find mermaids' indoor spaces, mermaids' cock covers, mermaids' sign and many more magic mermaids' presents!

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Großhandel New Baby Presents - Wholesale Baby Presents

With our colours we are able to add all season and occasion, so the experienced retail salesman gets a best seller all year round without having to clear inventory at the end of a time! Those bunches are beautiful! "or a favor for a baby party.

" August/September 2008 Progressive Party Magazine - Buy Buy Buy Baby! "They are happy about a flower that they don't have to take care of, but which they can marvel at before tearing it up for their baby. "Nosegays are similar to a flower arrangement of young plants. They are handmade from 100% 100% pure organic wool and have a size of 3-6 month so that the mother can marvel at her flower arrangement and then untangle the rose buds to unveil the treats inside.

Among the new 2007 lifestyles is the Celebration Baby Cake, stuffed with baby essential and refined with a smooth pleated quilt â" a present that could be the perfect choice for hospital environments where the use of live flower is prohibited. Another new feature is the selection of custom flower buds, a great Impulskauf, which is presented as custom rose buds packed in neophane or as present packaging in a stylish blank present case in which the baby's maternity card can be stored.

Flower Stork new addition "If it's something new for you, visit the New Product Zone on the Hall Three Balkon where vendors will be happy to showcase their latest product and service offerings. These new items have been designed in collaboration with a select group of flower arrangers where the product has undergone a rigorous testing phase prior to market introduction.

" March CWB 2006 "When is a plant not a plant? If it' s one of Blower Stork's bouquets - the new present concept that offers a convenient option to your daily work. At a distance, the presents look like a floral array, but on close examination, the rose buds are narrowly curled, 100 percent organic baby wear items such as stockings, body suits, baby bags and muscle blocks.

Clothes are three to six monthly old, with all bunches hand-made and adorned with colourful scarves and floral decorations. "Florist and Wholesale Buyer - February 2006 "Baby Boom - Participation in the top drawer last Month we were impressed by the prevalence of beautiful baby presents, many of which were beautifully wrapped, making them perfect add-ons for flower designers who want to expand their gift offerings to new mothers.

The Babywear Bouquet line offers babyocks, gloves, waistcoats, body suits and/or baby biscuits in rose, ivory, white and/or turquoise, which have been manually wrapped into rosebuds and presented in bunches of flowers, pots and souvenir bins.

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