Wooden Toys for Kids

Wood toys for children

Twelve best wooden toys | The Independent Wouldn't you say you loved a wooden toys? Yeah, wooden toys can be pretty pricey. Well-managed wooden toys can be handed down over generation and contribute to their charms and value. But don't be satisfied with an old wooden toys - select a toys made of durable material and free of chemical products.

And since many wooden toys have to be mounted, you should know where the key is. Lie on the ground with your baby and together share a classical, plastic-free game. The beautiful wood grill game kit was a huge success for our five-year-old testers, who immediately began to grill us some playing odor.

Wood articles that can be cut are wonderfully decorated and the whole thing has triggered an inventive game on a new high. It is our pleasure that all foods and paraphernalia go well in the grill and can be easily stored. There is not much room for this classy wooden café setting - it goes well on any tabletop.

Wow, wooden trains have evolved since childhood. All the benefits of the chaotic game are well known and this open-air sludge canteen is a great way to spend long periods of time playing - without having to tidy up afterwards. It is fast and simple to install and has a cooking area, two washbasins, an stove and crockery.

Oh, how much we loved that rose wooden box. One of our testers learnt how to use screwdrivers, wrenches and angled hooks, how to fit and detach bolts and bolts, and why it is a poor idea to hit your brothers with a wooden mallet. Wooden toys have more to offer than expensive toy kits.

So our five-year-old test woman could be entered in a good way on a wet day, and the completed part looks nice in her bed room. The wooden bow is oddly easy and yet irresistible to feel - no one can help but pick it up when he passes it. It was used in the game, from the tunnel for train tracks to shells in our game café.

That wood fire truck is a beautiful sight. Four sets of wood firemen are for sale seperately (£25), but they are definitely deserving of being put in the cage. Playing your hand right, you can get away with turning playing into free moments without the kids noticing. At the same place, the elephant's proboscis serves as a grip - our little tester liked to carry it around like a case - and there is a practical flexible tyre for the wooden stick so you don't have to fear losing it.

This is an instructive wooden plaything we like. Now you can create the basis to your own embassy for a nice custom note so that it is another perfect present. Wood toys don't get any nicer than this. The little taster liked to take our orders (hold the kiwi), "halve" the wooden fruits with the included wooden toys knives, throw everything into the mixer and serve us tasty soft drinks.

Every article on this page has been our favourite, but Jojo Maman Bebe's grill has won because nothing else has enlightened our tester's face. Perhaps because it is so near that some of us will be able to enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee in a fancy little café in the near future.

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