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Maternity & Nursing Clothing

Required: 4-6 good quality tops and blouses (you may want to look specifically for designs that work during breastfeeding as well or require more tops depending on your work demands); 4-6 tanks, t-shirts or camisoles which can be worn day or night; 2-4 pairs of maternity jeans; 3-4 pairs of leggings; 2-4 good quality, custom fitted maternity bras
Highly Recommended:  2-4 maternity dresses that can be worn for work and special occasions; 6-10 pairs of maternity briefs so you don’t ruin your regular lingerie as your body expands
Optional: 1-2 maternity support bands; 2-4 pairs of trousers or skirts that can be worn for work

Specifically for Nursing:
Required: Approximately 4 good quality tops with discrete drop panels that can be used during breastfeeding; 4-6 nursing tanks than can be worn day and night; 4-6 good quality, custom fitted nursing bras (if your maternity bras were not designed for breastfeeding)
Highly Recommended:  1-2 specially designed nursing dresses with discrete panels for breastbeeding that can be worn for work and special occasions

For insights and advice, have fun exploring Ideas and Inspiration, Mum Profiles or our blog. Don’t forget to create baby lists to keep track of all your information and also that Crux Baby has put together a number of extremely helpful example lists of what to buy for baby to help guide you.

Key Questions, Tips, and What to Look For
You want to invest in a few staple, high-quality items that will wash, wear and last – especially if you plan on having more than one child.  Buy clothes that can be used both during and after pregnancy and beware that skin may be sensitive during pregnancy – stretch jersey, cotton and viscose materials are all good choices.  Empire line tops and dresses are great for emphasising the parts of your silhouette that haven’t changed, while layering outfits with a cardigan is great during pregnancy as your body temperature fluctuates.  Look for tops and blouses with easy access panels for breastfeeding and avoid any wiring in bras as they can interfere with developing or active milk ducts.

Our favourite maternity line for designer labels is Blossom Mother and Child and Babes with Babies while Isabella Oliver  features their own in-house brand of stylish and chic maternity clothing.  For more affordable options, the Seraphine maternity clothing range (frequently worn by Kate Middleton) and French label La Redoute are wonderful mid-range options while Mothercare Maternity has great affordable maternity clothes.

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