Postnatal Care - What to Buy for Baby
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Postnatal Care

Required:  Maternity pads
Highly Recommended:  Disposable briefs, postnatal new mum vitamins
Recommended:  body shaping moisturiser, belly support band or girdle
Optional: books for first time parents, exercise DVDs

For insights and advice, explore our Problem Solvers navigation bar, our Mum Profiles or our blog. Don’t forget to create baby lists to keep track of all your information and also that Crux Baby has put together a number of extremely helpful example lists of what to buy for baby to help guide you.

Tips on Coping Physically and Mentally in the Postnatal Period

Very few people will tell you just how long it will take for you to feel yourself again after birth.  We often forget just how big a physical and mental toll childbirth can take on our bodies.  Maternity pads and disposable briefs might sound like we are heading for the old folks’ home, but they are essential items for many women in the first few postnatal weeks.  From a health perspective, we highly recommend that women take vitamins specifically designed for the postnatal period and to support breastfeeding. Moisturisers and creams can help in firming up our skin and minimising scars and stretch marks, while belly support bands or girdles can help our bodies appear slimmer as we get back into shape and are particularly important for women who have had caesareans.

All of these products address the physical elements of your postnatal experience, but say nothing of the emotional toll birth and early parenthood takes on us as well – ranging from feelings of euphoria immediately post birth to feelings of mild depression that visit many women as they struggle with exhaustion to full-blown postnatal depression.  There are several books for first time parents that can be of use here, but nothing will ever beat having a proper support network of health care professionals, family, friends, and perhaps most importantly, other new mothers.  We would highly recommend actively seeking out local groups of new mothers for company, support, advice and discussion of shared experiences in the wonderful world of parenting.


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