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Highly Recommended:  Travel bottle warmer
Recommended:  Travel cot, booster seat or travel highchair, UV sun shades for car
Optional: Travel cot mattress, travel black out blinds, sun tent

For insights and advice, have fun exploring Ideas and Inspiration, Mum Profiles or our blog. Don’t forget to create baby lists to keep track of all your information and also that Crux Baby has put together a number of extremely helpful example lists of what to buy for baby to help guide you.

Key Questions, Tips, and What to Look For

None of the items here are essential, but are fully dependent your individual requirements.  Many restaurants now have portable highchairs available, but a booster seat or travel high chair can still be very useful when visiting friends and family who do not have children or places that do not normally cater to babies.  Similarly, most hotels now make travel cots available, but they can still be useful for visiting friends and family without kids and can additionally be used as a portable playpen within your own home.  The rest of the “extras” you need for travel just requires a bit of common sense and forethought – hats, gloves and snow suits for the mountains; swimwear, sun screen, sun tents and beach toys for the beach; lots of entertaining toys for long plane rides; or UV car sun shades for long car drives.  The difficult part in planning travel with baby is much more likely to lie in remembering to bring all the basics you use in everyday life to places where you can’t access them (formula, bottles, medicines, toiletries etc).

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