What to Buy for Pregnancy

What to Buy for Baby

Everything You Need for a Healthy and Stylish Pregnancy

The Best Pregnancy and Childbirth Guides

Helpful information about your developing foetus and changing body, nutrition, emotional and physical changes, childbirth, what you can and can't do and more...

Invaluable Pregnancy Companions

These books will answer all those questions and more. They will help you keep track of what is happening with baby each week, to understand what is normal and what could be potential signs of trouble. They will help you identify the best foods and activities for supporting your developing baby, and which should be avoided. Get yourself physically and emotionally ready to have a baby and get the lowdown on the latest in childbirth techniques, medical treatments and procedures.

The Best Pregnancy Health and Beauty Products

The vitamins, supplements, lotions, pillows and fitness advice essential for keeping you glowing, healthy and well rested for baby's arrival

Keep Body, Mind and Soul Glowing


Our Selection of the Best Maternity and Nursing Clothes

The essentials you'll need for work and pleasure both before and after baby's arrival

The Best for both Style and Comfort

We’ll give you the lowdown on what you actually need, the best ways to emphasize your new silhouette, the best materials for maternity comfort and more. Our maternity clothing section also includes stylish options for the office and special occasions.

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Use Our Wishlists
We know you’re busy, and buying for baby can frankly be overwhelming. How do you choose from what seems like millions of products? How do you know what will work for you as a parent? That’s why we’ve come up with a series of example lists of different mum prototypes…use them for inspiration in creating your own list and finding the products that best match your personality, your style, and your baby.

Visit Our Mum Profiles
We’ve asked mothers whose advice we value highly for their opinions on the best products they’ve purchased, the ones they never should have bought, and which products were/are “worth their weight in gold”. You might be surprised by what some of our mums have said…

Ideas and Inspiration
Struggling for inspiration on how to decorate baby’s nursery? Looking for a beautiful changing bag you can use without baby as well? Looking for unique baby clothing brands to make your baby stand out from the crowd? Get ideas and inspiration in our “Get the Look” section.

And once your bundle of joy arrives, a great little idea for your home…